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Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine In Novi, MI

Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine is a leading independent provider of advanced wound care & hyperbaric medicine, assisting patients with a variety of medical issues in achieving positive outcomes. From our office-based center, we are able to provide the Southeast Michigan community with treatment options such as debridement, offloading, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, specialty dressings and wraps, compression therapy, topical medications, and more. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a mainstream, scientifically-proven medical treatment that enhances the body's healing capacity. At each visit, the patient is placed in a hyperbaric chamber made of clear acrylic in which he or she breathes pure oxygen at enhanced atmospheric pressure. Being in the oxygen chamber improves healing and may facilitate a favorable outcome and experience.

Who We Can Help

We work directly with the patient, or with their referring physician, to create an individualized treatment plan, as no two patients are alike. We treat a wide array of indications, providing solutions for vascular health, diabetic wound care, limb preservation, and more! We will collaborate with your health insurance provider to ensure you receive maximum coverage wherever possible. Our patient-centered care includes:

Patient Assessment


Outcome Driven &
Cost Efficient Care

Experienced Licensed
Medical Staff


Specialized Wound Care

Providing the most advanced therapies and clinical treatments to those suffering from non-healing wounds in the Southeast Michigan community is at the heart of our mission. Using topical medicines and evidence-based, cutting-edge wound care approaches. Patients receive specialized care, to enhance the healing process and patient outcomes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine of Novi Michigan is the premier independent provider of hyperbaric therapy for a wide variety of indications. Each patient we treat is given a customized plan of care designed to maximize the health benefits of the services we provide.

Our Approach to Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine of Michigan

Wound care facilities, like as Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine of Michigan, are designed to provide outpatient treatment options to patients whose wounds have not significantly healed and who could benefit from advanced treatment options. By utilizing a wound care treatment center, you can receive superior medical care from a team of experienced and qualified specialists in an environment that is easier to access than a regular hospital and at a reduced cost per session. Our team of professionals offers advanced treatment options for patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, wound infections, burns, and more, and can help curate a treatment plan to improve your quality of life and expedite the healing process.

Patient Testimonials

“The care and treatment I received from Advanced Wound Care was outstanding. From day one, Dr. Evangelista and Christopher Ruiz went above and beyond my expectations with their care and treatment. I highly recommend this practice to anyone experiencing problems with wound healing.”


“I am a resident in a skilled nursing care facility, struggling with diabetes and congestive heart failure. In April 2022, I developed red sores up and down both of my legs, from the knees down to my toes. Within a few days, they started to turn very red, weeping and oozing. After more than 6 months of treatments with no improvements, I was suggested to get a second opinion. I found Dr. Jose Evangelista with Advanced Wound Care in Novi. My first appointment was in December 2022, and within 5 days, there was amazing improvement. One month later, I feel like I experienced a miracle! My legs are almost back to normal! I will always be grateful to Dr. Evangelista and the staff for saving my legs. I highly recommend Advanced Wound Care to anyone needing excellent care.”


"Dr. JJ Evangelista & his associate; Chris Ruiz, have done a superb job helping me to have expedient healing of a diabetic wound on my toe. Such a wound could’ve easily meant the loss of my big toe. But because of continual & correct treatment using cutting edge, new medications, I am now 99% healed and this continued trajectory means the next scheduled appointment, I will have a 100% healed wound. I greatly appreciate the meticulous care that I received at Advanced Wound Care!!"


"Dr Evangelista treats my elderly mother. He is very kind and thorough - an excellent physician. He addressed our concerns and came up with a treatment plan that worked. We are grateful for his exemplary care. I Highly recommend him!"


"Dr. Evangelista and his staff are nothing short of amazing! I was nervous trying to find the right facility and luckily I made the right decision. I have always been able to talk to the doctor and his staff to get my problems, questions, and concerns resolved and answered. I love that the wait time is short and their communication is top tier! I can be a bit picky when it comes to healthcare however, coming here is like dealing with trusted family!"

Javion B.

Great experience with Dr. Jose Evangelista and his staff. Dr. JJ not only treated my Mom's wounds, but her entire health & wellness. Dr. JJ was extremely kind & thoughtful. My Mom & family are appreciative of the care & expertise provided by Advanced Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine of Michigan.

Monica M.

Dr. Evangelista and his staff are amazing, caring, and compassionate. My father-in-laws cellulitis left him with a terrible wound that was very deep and at least 10x9 inches. He was afraid he was never going to get back to his regular activities. Now he is healed and playing horseshoes again. We thank Dr. Evangelista, Catherine, and Chris for their dedication and support they were an answer to our prayers. God bless you all.

Dawn C.

Best doctor I have seen in a long time. Very thorough in his examination and diagnosis. He was compassionate and understanding of the problems I have been having. His instructions on treating my wound at home were clear and easy to follow. Looking forward to my next visit. I highly recommend Advanced Wound Care.

C. Stokes

I had a very deep gash in my lower calf that Dr. Evangelista treated carefully and wonderfully for 2 1/2 months. It is 99% healed now and I have very much respect for his care and treatment. I recommend him highly.

Dot H.

Do not hesitate to have your wound care healing accomplished at Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine of Michigan. Dr. Evangelista is an incredibly knowledgeable, talented, friendly, and caring physician that takes the healing of your wound very seriously. His communication skills are also top-notch as he makes certain to be sure that you fully understand the treatment process and is very vigilant in keeping an eye on your progress. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of his treatment during the healing process of my wound. His staff is very caring and professional as well.

Paul D.

Staff is professional, caring, and kind. Dr. JJ immediately started to create healing in a wound others had not gotten to heal for my 87-year-old mother. It is such a relief to have gotten great care. The wound is healed! Thanks to Dr. JJ and everyone in the office.

Vickie A.

I want to say what a pleasure it was working with Dr. JJ. He’s very thorough in his care and always made me feel at ease every time I was in the office and he had to work on my wounds. And thankfully my wound is healed. I would recommend him to anybody that is looking for any type of wound care, Thank You, Dr. JJ.

Theresa S.

Dr. Evangelista and his staff are excellent, kind, and compassionate. They provided superb patient care. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of wound care or hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Barbara K.

Great care and advise given for my second degree burns. Highly recommend this medical facility for wound care.

Sharon C.

I highly recommend Dr. Jose Evangelista and the team at Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine of Michigan. I had a large wound on my thigh due to a car accident. After five months of treatment, including hyperbaric therapy, my wound is completely healed. Dr. Evangelista and the staff at the wound clinic are highly competent, compassionate healthcare providers. They helped me return to my life. I am forever grateful!

Kathleen O.

I am so happy I chose Advanced Wound Care to expedite the healing of my surgical incisions. Having surgery was difficult enough, but experiencing wound dehiscence left me anxious, as I regularly questioned whether my incisions had become infected. Once I began treatment with Dr. Evangelista and his NP, Sam, I didn’t worry any longer. They tailored a plan for my circumstances and monitored my progress weekly. They are kind, gentle, patient people, and they provide professional and excellent care.

Kelly B.